Ashley Simpo

Writer + Editor

The world is one big scratch pad - eraser marks and all. I write about issues relating to the black community, women and people of color. I am the Managing Editor for xoNecole and a feature writer for BET.com. 

Contact me at info@ashleysimpocreative.com


"My favorite thing to write has always been short stories. I used to think that was because I was a lazy writer. But it's actually because fragmented narratives can open your mind.



To sit and be forced to assume both the beginning and the end of a story is like yoga for your imagination."

- @ashleysimpo


"...writing in journals, walls, websites - whatever. the think-process required made me constantly aware of where i stand."


I'm building a community of black writers and creatives.


"I remind myself that I am who I think I am and then say out loud, 'I forgive you.'" - ashley simpo

Testimonies From The Table, A project for Solange Knowles


Interview with Seher Sikander for Testimonies From The Table

What’s the difference between you telling her she shouldn’t have sex and some boy telling her that she should? Either way she is ignoring her own mind, her own desires and her own convictions.
— The Thing About Your Daughter's Virginity, 2015
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Strictly For Those People

a piece that questions the sexual status quo.

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